Disappointing Ravanan!!

I watched Ravanan in the weekend.. Well, though I didn’t have much hopes before watching the movie, I was still disappointed for several reasons!

But one thing is definitely good in the movie – the picturization of all the scenes or cinematography was excellent. And the selection of locations is really awesome! Other than that, there is nothing much to praise about the movie – especially with the given fact that it is Mani Ratnam’s movie!

It isn’t like a usual Mani Ratnam’s movie: Almost all of the Mani Ratnam’s movie make you sit upright and watch the movie till the end with interest. And if you miss few scenes in the middle, you won’t understand the movie. But Ravanan is not so.. Actually we missed the first 15 minutes of the movie (we reached there so late! :() but still there wasn’t much progress. And I went to attend important phone call in the middle and it made no difference. And most of all, it really didn’t create any interest in me to watch till the end.. In other words –  a little bit boring for Mani Ratnam’s standards!

Ravanan - Disappointment

Ravanan - Disappointment

Aishwarya is not looking that great! Yea.. this is another disappointment for me. There is something terribly wrong about her make-up. Whenever she is shown in the rain or forest with little makeup, she is looking beautiful as ever! But in the flashbacks with Prithviraj, she isn’t looking nice.. In fact the make-up strangely makes her face to look bigger! Whatever! I didn’t like it..

Her voice is even worse! The dubbing voice for Aish was really terrible. Whenever she opened her mouth, I just wanted to close my ears.. It didn’t suit at all!

The choreography for “Kalvare” song is pathetic! When I heard this nice melodious song, I was expecting to see some nice chemistry on screen. But the song was full of Aish showing off her dance skills which I think is not at all required for that character in that song! At least some nice melodious movements according to the beats would have been nice – if at all they are so particular about showing off dance skills. But the way she raises her leg every now and then like “Thillai Natarajar”, I just felt like banging my head somewhere!

Unwanted scenes could have been avoided! Like the scene in which Karthik tries to imitate Hanuman in real Ramayan. Its okay that Karthik came there just like Hanuman came to rescue Sita. But, some extra gestures he performed could have been avoided! Sorry guys! It dint humor me.. And, in my opinion, he need not have desperately tried to link it with Ramayan!

Usual flashback story: The flashback story – though touching and whatever is soo usual for our Indian film industry right? The girl being raped by police men and her brother taking revenge for the same. Mani Ratnam should have thought about something better! The story line should have been much more stronger! The only twist he gave was that the lady captured for revenge is already married. Other than that isn’t this the same old story??

Once you have raised the standards for your movies, then it is indeed hard to maintain it that way! But that’s the thrill! So, Mani Ratnam has done terribly bad with respect to his own standards!! Maybe this is one of the better movies released recently but when for Mani Ratnam, it is indeed poor!

I think film makers should definitely understand that people wouldn’t be blindly watching movies anymore just bcoz Super Star Rajnikanth is acting in it! That kind of blind taste is gone – at least, I don’t have it anymore! I don’t want to watch movies just for the sake of someone blindly – be in the actor or director! Movies should be entertaining in all aspects and if possible informative as well. It would be great if it can make you really ‘think’!



  1. Balaji Krishnan · · Reply

    one thing that i didn’t like was that mani wanted us to correlate this with Ramayanam. seriously, if thats his point – what is Vaiyyapuri’s role in Ramayanam :-/ and that Ranjitha – i dont get what her role in the film was. may be editing was not upto mark.. US la screen pannache “kaatuchirukki” songa cut panitaan :-O and “Usure poguthey” was shrinked to a BGM 😐 overall – id still rate it better than other recent thamizh movies but a let down from mani – yes..

    1. You shud feel good that the song Kaautchirukki song was cut down! Not really good to watch and all.. 🙂

      1. Balaji Krishnan · ·

        oh apdiya kadha 😐 adhyum konnutaangalo , kekarthukku nanna irundhudhe nu nenachen 🙂 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I particularly felt so sorry for Mani for he was so desperate to link this movie to Ramayana, especially in the scene when police question priyamani in vivahmandap when the police guy catches her by her nose. I really felt like laughing in that supposedly serious scene. I guess Ranjita’s purpose in the movie was for Mandodari. (OMG! Mandodari is considered to be a great pathini – even equivalent to seetha. Ranjita ==> Mandodari yuk!) Overall I feel vikram’s talent wasted in the movie. BTW, what’s the use of “kalvare” song. Isnt it proof enough that dev loves raagini that he fights all odds to find her. I feel the ending is so silly. In ramayan, rama asks seetha to do agnipariksha not because he suspected her, but to show the world that she is pure. But that is so badly represented in ending. Great expectation over Mani – Greatly disappointed

    1. Yea.. yea.. so many silly stuffs in the movie..
      Oh Yes! I forgot to mention about the nose catch! 😉
      And, I don’t think Ranjitha is mandodari – because she was with Prabhu na? Prabhu is like Kumbakarnan for the Ravanan in the movie.. But Mandodari is Ravanan’s wife na?
      Anyways!! its not as good as it shud be!

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