I don’t like it because I know its true!

Yea.. I don’t like it when people say / write crap about India. I really don’t like it. And the worst part is that I know what they say/write is true and I can’t do anything about it!

All I can do is just raise some helpless – hopeless cries and feel sad / depressed for a while before I resume my normal routine forgetting about all these.

When I was a kid (in my school days), I used to think that India would improve and become super-power and all those. Actually yes – I have seen lot of improvements going on in different fields. BUT, I don’t think I will ever see my “dream India” in my life time.

I wish India is like some of those European countries with rock-solid economy unperturbed by bomb blast in US or whatever and where you don’t find any beggars or thieves and where there is no place for corruption or reservations or any such non-sense. (Hmmm…… Sigh!!)Well I just have the helpless feeling that India still hasn’t got its real freedom. She is still not independent and when I think practically, I just can’t do anything about it! That’s what pisses me off and it irritates me more when I see others just spitting about India!!

Few days back, I saw this youtube video which shows how Indians are in 90 seconds..

It did not make me laugh! I felt like we are just wasting time in watching these videos and lowering our image ourselves by publishing them publicly online as well!

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

And that Slumdog Millionaire movie – what is there for us to feel proud about it? We all should feel ashamed about that movie. After all, a British guy directed the movie showing all crap about India (though true and as I said before, that’s why it hurts me more!), and it was recognized worldwide and appreciated – what does that mean? Every bloody A****** out there, wants to see India like what is shown in that movie. They enjoy watching Indians like that – Which I don’t like!! Have we not produced better movies? Hasn’t AR Rahman produced better music before?? Is this a real recognition for us?? I just felt that she (India) danced naked in front of the world to please some real mean people and begged for fame! In fact there was no appreciation for Indians there (except for Rahman’s music probably). I just felt that all Indians should just boycott the celebration of that damn movie! Will my voice be ever heard in this regard??

And then, when I was watching the movie “Madrasapattinam” last week, the same old
familiar feeling of helplessness and frustration came up in my mind. Though the movie a romantic drama, it was showing how the British rulers treated Indians as slave and how few Indians were really so mean and selfish that they were ready sell their own country for their self pleasure and money! It kindled those deep-buried feelings of my heart which was bothering me for a while!



We say India is a land of Gods and we are proud about our culture, divinity and such.. Many foreigners even today come down to India in search of inner-peace. How come such a pure great bla bla bla country was so ignorant that it could let some white skinned business men who came to India just for selling their stuff ultimately take over the entire country and ruin it? How come Indians were (are even now!) so stupid / selfish / whatever?? When Gods chose our country for these ancient temples and epics and everything which we are so proud of, how come Gods never saved our country from these ruins?? How come God let the place he delves to ruin in the hands of these cunning Britisher rulers? Again, all helpless hopeless cries!

And again this morning, when I read this “featured” blog post about how bad our Ganges is, I again felt really irritated. Didn’t wordpress find anything else interesting to feature in its home page? Why does it want to damage India’s image among all bloggers around the world??



And I really got pissed off when I saw a comment there saying “I can’t actually imagine going into that water”. I just wanted to shout back saying “We never invited  you to do so!”

I don’t blame the guy who wrote about Ganges – well, I can’t! But I blame this wordpress for featuring it in the front page! I gotta show my anger someway right! So blame wordpress! Grrrr!! x-(

But, why does everyone show this much interest in mocking India? Well, I guess its because Indians truly don’t mind.. And even if they do, they just write some stupid articles like this and waste their time for a while and get back to their practical life and strive hard for making money!

We are very forgetful! We just forget about the history – forget how hard it was for us to get the so-called-freedom we enjoy today – forget everything about our freedom fighter – forget everything about our rich culture and tradition and just go on nodding heads for foreigners (At times, I just can’t believe that even now we have this taste of ours for foreign dresses, foreign foods, foreign scents and we still believe that whatever is foreign is so great! Isn’t it because of this very same feeling that we let these beggars inside our country and later let them rule and ruin us?? Won’t we ever change?? Sigh!! ), just keep re-producing but never be a useful resource for the country, just keep copying whatever others do and never try to use our own brain, just keep thinking about own selfish life and how to become rich by any means even if that means to selling your own country and what not! The list goes on and my frustration never ends!

Okay, if you have read this far, I really appreciate your patience and possibly the little bit of care you have for India. I am not sure how many such articles I will be writing shedding off my frustration. Anyways, it is now time for me turn back to my practical life – and strive hard for making money! 😐



  1. girisopinion · · Reply

    I understand your frustration and let me tell you that you are not alone. The major problem is that India as a country was never meant to together and did not have any agenda for being together (I am not being unpatriotic by saying this). If we look at the past before British came to India we were induvidual kingdoms fighting with each other for land and power which made them easily capture and take over this country.

    British connected India for their business purpose which is the reason we fought together as a country. So even though we have a huge history dating back to thousands of years we are very young as a country. We have lots of diversities which are not dying soon. Our politicians are very good at exploiting it and we mad people are ready to fight for anything. Language, religion, caste etc are man made and we are still fighting on it. Even the younger generation is not letting go of such differences. Unless and until we teach “Unity” in schools we will not improve as a country.

    India should start considering itself as a country similar to European Union (Even though not a country by itself but a union comprising of 27 european countries) where different countries, speaking different languages have united for a similar agenda. when that happens you will see actual development in our country, till then we will see developments in pockets but the issues will remain. I love my country but living away from India for a long time now and meeting people from different parts of our country has left me thinking that we are few hundred years away of changing our mindset.

    Surely we will not see that. Sorry for the lengthy post but I have similar views as yours. Regarding your comment about “Slumdog Millionaire”, I am happy that the movie at least got made in India, now you tell me how many bollywood movies actually get made in India. How many of our directors will actually want to make a world class movie in India showing its beauty? Something to think about, Bollywood industry complained a lot but were off on a plane to US, UK to film their next movie. My 2 cents on that topic.

    1. First of all, thanks for leaving your opinion here. (length never matters! You saw how big my post is right? 😉 )
      You know, I have the very same exact idea – that India should be “Indian Union” just like the “European Union”. There is no point in just talking about rich cultural heritage and varying culture and people across the border bla bla.. This culture thing and other stuff which we boast about has not ever fed our people or helped us growing together as nation. In fact, as you said, it is this diversity which in fact made our people to let foreigners rule our country.. And, it is this very same diversity that the politicians today are exploiting to fill their own pockets! So, as you rightly said, they won’t form any union like that and as long as they don’t come up with such a major change, our Indian will never improve.. I just merely hope that some day it will happen…

      About Slumdog Millionaire, true that the movie was shot in India. But after watching the movie, would anyone say “Woow! India is beautiful and I need to go around places in India?”. How much of the movie shows the beauty of India?
      I agree that none of the Bollywood film makers shoot films in India. Well, this is definitely bad! But everything these days is just about business and just stealing money! Who wouldn’t want to go around the world in someone else’s money? That’s what these Bollywood film makers are doing.. 😐

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