Can there be more shame???

I was contemplating if I should write this post first of all. Almost every news paper and television channels is already spitting on India for its ugly CWG (Common Wealth Games 2010) preparations.. My post is just yet another post on the same line.

But.. it really disturbs my mind so much that I wanted to shed it a little by writing…Earlier this week, whenever I watched the news related to our CWG preparations in the television at my office pantry area, I used to neglect it by thinking “Aah! another shame on us! Nothing is going to change..”  But when I heard the bridge collapse news yesterday, my heart really sunk! Really sunk!  This is a REAL SHAME!!!!

CWG bridge collapse

CWG bridge collapse - Picture courtesy:

The worst part of all these is, the government seems to care the least!! If we are not interested, if we cannot do things properly, then why bid for hosting the CWG games in the first place? If we are not going to host CWG, then a bridge falling down is not going to reach the headlines and news channels of International media. But now, I don’t have words to express my deep regrets & shame! Its like as though India is standing naked in front of the world!! Every official from every other country is tearing India into pieces and we can’t say/do anything about it!

What would have happened if this bridge fell down during the Common Wealth Games? With just 11 days to go, how can we ever be so careless!! Why invite shame and spoil our name unnecessarily? With all the problems we already have, why should be invite more trouble?

And, we never to know how to maintain cleanliness in our toilets and rooms. We Indians are known for our better immunity!! Why invite people from all over the world to showcase that? Now, the New Zealand team has called its own cleaning staff and cleaned its room! Aren’t we the ones who talk about rich culture and hospitality??? Yea.. I forgot! We just “TALK”!

After all these, I wonder for how many months or days other countries are going to bully us! Already no-one out there respects our country and now,  needless to say, we can never get back respect at any point of time! Will there be any other games or events in our Country after this? Will anybody ever dare to step into India?

I don’t know which official is responsible for this and whether he worries about this or not. But I am sure there will be many helpless minds like me who will be sincerely worrying about state now. But then, whats the use of just worrying?? Sigh!! 😐



  1. Subha Parthasarathy · · Reply

    Indeed the collapse of the bridge and negligence of govt is to be condemned. But I differ in your opinion on cleanliness part. Just to get attention or just for the sake of blame the New Zealand team could have created the issue.

    1. I am not denying that possibility! In fact that was there in my mind as well… But, its not going to change the situation in any way.. And, we cannot completely neglect the issue as fake given the fact that there was heavy raining in Delhi…

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