Delhi CWG 2010 should be called off!

I was a bit emotional seeing all the news and events in televisions for the past 2 days… And, that’s when I wrote this post here, today morning expressing my grief!

I had a little hope when I wrote that post this morning. But, now I feel so miserable that I want to say that the whole CWG at Delhi must be called off. Within 24 hours after the collapse of the bridge, the false ceiling in the weight lifting area has collapsed. This is doing no good to our international status!In my opinion, India already made a bad decision in the very beginning itself by bidding for hosting the CWG in 2003. Though I do not agree with Mani Shankar Aiyer in everything that he has said about CWG in India, one thing is defintely correct – we could have used these millions and millions of rupees could have been used for training our kids into sports. But at least after winning the bid, we should have used all the available resources and planned this event and executed in a nice respectable way!

I thought that there cannot be more shame than this, when the bridge fell down. But now, I think we will face even worst situations and shame if we continue to proceed with the CWG hosting the same way!  With just 10 more days to go, if the CWG is called off at Delhi, it would be very big lesson for us – of course we are learning it the hard way! Its a national shame which cannot be compensated at all!

It is not that I want it to be called off!! I would of course feel immense pleasure and joy if the CWG happens successfully! And, even now, I sincerely do hope for that. However, if we have to still continue with hosting, then we must act swiftly and make up for the mishaps rather than to project whatever we have done so far as good! In the name of patriotism, we cannot try to pretend that we are doing a good job! If we are really patriotic, if we do care about our Nation’s respect, then we got to act – rather than just talk!

For the first ever time (and this the second time the CWG is even being hosted in Asia – Wiki), India got a chance to host such a huge event and I think, we have lost it very miserably! This is definitely a very bitter, degrading and depressing mark in our history! And, I wonder if we can ever regain the respect in the international society! 😦

With just 10 more days to go, I really wish that all money, energy and time invested in CWG till now does not go waste! Little hopes left in me is still saying that there are chances for the CWG to become a success! (or at least, with all these countries opting our, we would get more medals this time!! 😉 )Fingers crossed!



  1. The efforts taken to bring the Game by India, despite the terrorist threats and the limited resources to achieve the Project in time should be appreciated, rather than commenting as a foreigner to close the games.
    The foreign country which comments on India has no right to speak on the safety and security on Indian Soil. Let them keep their wealth and health properly and not transmit all the diseases through their entry in other countries.
    None can stop the success of India in bringing the Common wealth games and I wish the CWG all success without any danger to all

    1. I agree with you that other countries which cultivate diseases and terrorism and spread them in India has no right to comment about us. And, I would be more happy if the CWG is conducted successfully! I wish it happens and I really hope that there won’t be any mishaps anymore!
      However, I wonder why India bid for hosting the CWG when we have so many other things to worry about? In fact I wouldn’t agree with you that we have limited resources. We have everything! All we need is focus and a little hard work. I believe we are capable of hosting it but we screwed it up all!
      Even now, I hope we are able to manage it and make it a success!

      1. You yourself agree that we are capable of handling the Games and care should have been taken to maximize the quality of work which we are in progress. So, that puts an end to this topic I guess…

        Those who are really interested in sports should come forward to participate, since the terrorist problems are not only in India but also in all developed countries around the world.

        The Games Village will come in full satisfaction on the day of inauguration. Let us pray to GOD to make it success.

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