Hmm… Good question!

“Hmm.. Good question!”

Guess what you will hear next?

“.. But I don’t know the answer..”Most of the times people end up saying “Good question” only when they do not know the answer for the same.

I used to wonder is it because they never thought in that angle, they say that it is a good question? (Are they so confident of themselves?) or is it just to satisfy my ego and stop me from pestering them more?

Whatever the reason might be, it is quite funny for me to hear someone saying “Hmm… good question! I dont know the answer”. When you do not know the answer, how can you say that it is a good question?

I will really feel happy or satisfied about my question/learning only when I hear “Good question.. let me explain!” (of course followed by a reasonable explanation/answer) 😉

How about you?



  1. Good question always means no answer! I would put it this way…its human tendency that no one wants to put themselevs down…so everyones ego stops them from saying “hmm.I didn’t think of it,” OR “I don’t know” (which even today many consider a derogatory statement)…
    So an optimistic way of saying it wuld be “A good question”…. that way, makes the other person feel good and at the same time keeps your ego satisifed!! 😀

    1. Yes of course! – That’s my whole point as well -“keeps your ego satisfied!! ”
      And which is what I don’t like…

  2. I came here looking for a snow vs ice explanation.
    A “good question” in the middle of a conversation about a topic, usually means relevant question that indicates you are following the train of thought well and into its logical conclusion. This happens in a conversation when B is explaining something to A and A comes up with a question that reflects a correct understanding of what has been said so far and is thinking deeper along the correct lines. It doesn’t mean B has to know the answer. B may have thought about the question too, but doesn’t know the answer yet. But i does mean B appreciates As line of thought.
    Of course a random question and its related response “good question” may simply mean”I need to get away from you.”

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