The secret to fast learning!

Want to know the secret behind learning fast? Believe me or not – Its is the ability to unlearn your previous learning and beliefs which is required to learn anything real fast!

Let me tell you how! Kids always learn things fast! They can grasp things very quickly and their learning curve is indeed very steep! Ever wondered why? Their minds are fresh – unpolluted by (previous) learning! They do not know anything before and this is the main reason why they can learn anything fast! Because they do not have any assumptions or previous understandings about things, it is easy for them to pick up fast!

As and when we grow older, our learning curve saturates – firstly because we think we know everything and we are no longer that inquisitive like those kids! The next important reason why we don’t learn as much as young brains do is – our previous learning does influence our current learning process. We get confused easily because we always tend to compare things with our previous experience or learning! We believe our previous learning which has got engraved in our minds so much that we curb our new learning process and get stagnated!

And this is exactly why many of the teachers say that is easy for them to teach to those students who are entirely new to the subject rather than to those who already know ‘something’ in the subject!

To learn something new, we have to unlearn whatever we have learn before. Forget whatever you learned already. Start with a fresh mind – start as though you are completely new to the subject! Learn it as though you are hearing about it for the first time! You will see the difference! When your mind is unpolluted and fresh, your grasping power will be extra-ordinary and you can learning anything really fast!

Neither should the ego that you know everything nor should the fear that you don’t know anything come into your way! Only the real interest should feed you! Unlearn your previous beliefs and knowings! See things with a fresh mind – you will get a new perspective and your learning curve will always be in the growing side!

So.. how is your learning curve? What approach do you follow for your learning? Feel free to share your learning experience here..


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