Don’t end up with crooked doctors!

Its been long since I visited a doctor and how I wish I don’t visit doctor anymore! Not because that I don’t want to suffer from illness but because I don’t want to visit these crooked doctors anymore!

If you want to be safe with your treatments, you gotta really make sure that you aren’t going to these corrupted doctors! Corrupted doctors are not going to reduce in number but we, as a patient have to be more careful in choosing our doctors and following their treatments! I have had enough bad experiences in the recent past with all the evil and corrupted doctors who just scare their patients that they have serious illness when in fact the patient is absolutely normal except for some mild discomfort! All they care about is money! No ethics or no responsibility!

I used to go to a nearby doctor before my marriage. And that doctor is really one of the best! His diagnosis is really accurate and he does not need lot of  lab tests to be taken for that. He runs a very small clinic without much fuzz down a narrow lane. At the first site of the clinic, people might even doubt his credibility! But he is such a nice doctor that you wouldn’t need a second visit for getting rid of your illness! Hmm… I miss the doctor now since we are living in an entirely different part of the city!

Recently, I went to a doctor for my throat infection and fever. I get this throat infection because of my Allergic Rhinitis which was of course rightly diagnosed by my previous doctor! When I tried to explain to him about my complains and previous diagnosis, I don’t think he ever listened! Even though I told him I have fever, he didn’t even care to measure my body temperature! He straight away went for a “Throat Swab” test, sinus and chest x-rays, blood sugar and ASO titer test (this is for detecting level of infection in your body!)! What was more crooked was that, he did not prescribe any medicine for me and he simply said, take all these tests and come back after which I will prescribe medicines for you!

Phew! What a nice doctor?!! If he needs so many tests to be taken for prescribing a simple routine anti-biotic, then why did he study medicine? With all these reports (these days, we get reports with the actual and expected levels), I myself can diagnose my problem and possibly search internet and also find the right medicine! Why do I need him???

None of those test results can be revealed right away – except for x-rays! So,  after a little bit of thinking, I went ahead and took the x-rays first and asked the receptionist about the bill. She coolly replied that all the tests would cost me around 2000 bucks! Can you believe it? I just went to the doctor for an ordinary throat infection and he hands over to me a bill for 2k bucks!! I was really shocked and I said I wanted to talk to the doctor before taking the rest of the tests!

So, they made me wait for few more turns before I get to see that great wonderful doctor! And I told him politely that taking so many tests within a short time makes me feel that I am really sick. And I know that I am not really that sick! He promptly interrupted me to say that I am really sick!! That’s when I decided I shouldn’t stay there anymore!

When a doctor says to his patient that he is really sick, then this doctor cannot be a good doctor! A good doctor is one who makes his patient feel confident that he will regain his health! A patient should feel happy that he will recover soon after visiting a doctor! Such is a good doctor! Definitely not the one who says “You are really sick!” to a patient who is actually not sick!

So, after few minutes of useless talk by the doctor, I quietly walked away from his so-called hospital and simply walked to a medical shop nearby to buy some first-aid medicines for my symptoms! Man!! This is how the rate of self-prescriptions goes high in our country! Why would anyone waste money and time with such cheating doctors when they can get cured with few simple tablets? Actually I never go for self-prescribed medicines. I respect doctors and I want to get even those simple medicines with doctors prescription! But, this guy made me go against my principle!

This has been happening to me for the past 2-3 times since I haven’t found the right doctor in my area yet! What troubles me is this disgusting attitude of the doctors! They just don’t care about the patients health at all! All they want is just money! They would do anything for their business! Imagine someone  who already has the fear that he is really sick visiting this doctor!  I am 700% (yea seven-hundred-percent! ;)) sure that such doctors would just make use of his fear and make him take all the tests and mint money at the cost of the guy’s confidence & health. The guy would start believing that he is really sick and might fall sick ultimately – just because of this crooked doctor!

When a patient should actually get treatment for his illness, doctors these days are just simply trying to make money by using their illness when they should actually cure his illness! This is what I hate and I really wish I could do something about this!

But not all doctors are bad like this. Unfortunately many are like this!  With the growing competition for medical seats and the cost of  studying medicine, I don’t think the situation is ever going to improve! The only way we can tackle this is by creating awareness among the patients! Patients should really get vigilant and not blindly follow the doctors anymore. People should have the ability to question and understand the treatment that they are given! Else, such doctors will always make the patients remain as patients forever!

I was glad that I did not take all those tests and made myself a fool! However, I did feel bad that I wasted my time and money visiting this doctor! How about you? Were you able to find the right doctor the first time itself? Or you have had such bad experiences as well?



  1. WOW this is awful, sorry to hear that. This guy sounds awful, I myself have an awful doctor at the moment, he is all about MONEY and he is a scammer. He is also a pervert and inappropriate I will not let him do work on my back anymore, and he keeps asking me if I want to do acupuncture with him after how disgusting he was the first time, he is awful I am now looking for a new Dr. I have had awful Dr.’s in the past and thought that this new one would be different, but sadly I was wrong, at least if we are aware that there are a lot of scamming people out there we can know when we are being taken advantage of and then we can Walk Away from the situation, instead of being conned.

  2. Rafi Rauther · · Reply

    Doctors are as human as anyone else. They never claimed their profession to be noble nor they went to medical school to do charity work. They go through the same pressures and emotions as anyone else.

    It is wrong for us to hold them to a higher standards than the rest.

    Having said that, I really feel bad that you had a bad experience. May be like you wished you won’t have to visit them again. Good luck!!!

    1. I completely agree that Doctors are normal human beings!
      However, I would like to stress here that its not nice on anyone’s part to just focus on money and not do their duty. I wouldn’t accept if my plumber is going to cheat and try to get more money for a minor washer repair.. It applies for me as well – as a Software developer, it wud be completely wrong on my part if I am not going to complete the work with good quality for which I get paid.
      When it comes to Doctors, it gets a bit more serious because they are dealing with “real human lives” here – the impact of their job is seen right away and it influences the life of people directly!! if they show negligence, it might screw up the entire life of a person – which is definitely serious! So, it is quite natural that we expect a bit more care and caution from them – basically they need to be aware of what they are doing and not just play around!

  3. I have a suggestion. When you go to your old area, ask that Doctor if he has any good Doctor in your area. His friend (or known colleague) may be practicing good [this word is subjective] medicine , may suit your frequency, but you may not find him because he is ‘down in a narrow lane’ doing good work unconspicuously. yen

    1. I know what you mean… Good Drs might still be definitely around – just that they are hard to find!!

  4. Vishwanath · · Reply

    My own experience with doctors has been similar. One dentist I went to always fixed the tooth which was giving problem but in the process damaged the neighbouring tooth by grinding that tooth also (unnecessarily). He is well known and practices in Jayanagar Dental Clinic, Jayanagar Bangalore. The best way for you is to go to the old doctor even though he is far away. I have shifted to Ayurvedic treatment and found a few very good doctors. I find Ayurveda is a great approach and it has helped me to remain healthy most of time. Even when you fall ill, the medicines I am prescribed a very safe and natural so that I can take them without difficulty.

    1. Yea… Ayurveda is much better in that sense – no side effects!!

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