Think before you buy Sony Ericsson’s MW600

Well.. I do not intend to give a negative criticism about MW600 here.  In fact I love this headset and I am like totally dependent on it now. But I would definitely advice anyone to think twice before buying this bluetooth stereo headset from Sony Ericsson especially if you are like me – who puts things to rough use!

Sony Ericsson MW600 stereo bluetooth headset

MW600 stereo bluetooth headset

I got Sony Ericsson MW600 – stereo bluetooth headset as a birthday gift from my husband last year (May 2010). Believe me! It changes the way you talk on phone! It was damn comfortable to wear the head phones in the ear and clip  the bluetooth radio to my collar and forget about the phone! I was able to talk to anyone from my kitchen cutting vegetables when the phone was lying somewhere in the living room! And when I am wearing salwar, I can just leave my phone in the hand bag and attend calls with just a single click without searching where my phone is in the hand bag. Man! It made my life soo comfortable that I was wearing it all the time except during sleep. I never forget to thank my husband for buying such an amazing gift!

But now, even though everything works fine in the headset, I am not able to clip it to my collar since its clip is broken. There is nothing else I can blame about it! Actually, you can never blame Sony in its sound quality! After using the headset, it is not at all comfortable for me to speak normally in the phone. The sound was so damn clear that I could hear all ISD or STD calls so clearly which are otherwise difficult to hear!

One thing which was indeed (and is) a bit difficult thing to do with the headset was the sliding volume control. They could have designed it with simple buttons rather than the sliding control which intends to understand the sliding movement of your finger. It is too sensitive and hard to change volume when you are clipping the headset to your collar/dress (which means its  kinda useless! Bcoz you won’t be carrying it in hand and talking unless the clip is broken! :-|)

The bluetooth headset also made my iPOD unnecessary by its smooth playback control and excellent sound quality! This MW600 is also having an inbuilt radio which doesn’t need the phone. So, I can just use the headset as a stand alone radio without touching the phone! It really made my life easy and smooth in many many ways! And of course, I used to enjoy the special attention I get whenever I just start talking without reaching out for the phone! 😉

I miss all the fun now! Because of a silly stupid reason – that the clip is broken

Broken Clip

Broken Clip

now! I can’t clip the headset to my dress anymore! And I find it really useless without the clip. The clip is a thing to be very careful with which I carelessly missed. The clip is very flimsy and I guess I have to be happy that it withstood my rough use this long (almost for 8 months).

The worst part of the story is that I can’t replace the broken clip now! This is something I really hate about Sony Ericsson now. Why can’t they sell some original spare parts of the headset?? I contacted their service center and got a very blunt reply that nothing can be done in the service center about the broken clip and ‘maybe’ I can find the clip alone in the mobile showrooms. And when I contacted the showroom, they simply said that the clip is not sold separately at all and I have to buy a new headset itself. Grrrrr!! I am really pissed off!

I was a bit careless with the clip because I trusted Sony Ericsson won’t be so stupid not to sell the spare part which is actually completely detachable. It would make perfect sense to replace it for a few hundred buck extra. But then Sony Ericsson is really being brainless by not selling this important spare part! I don’t see a single reason why the clip shouldn’t be sold separately! They know that it is very light and it can get broken! Do they want customers to throw away the headset itself and buy a new one if the clip is broken? Damn!!

So.. finally, to conclude, MW600 is actually one of the best bluetooth headset and is guaranteed to make your life really comfortable as long as you use it carefully! It has excellent sound quality, inbuilt radio, smooth playback control but a weak flimsy clip! If you are like me, then I am sure you will get  the clip broken in some time and to me, the headset is really useless without the clip!

Beware! The clip cannot be replaced at all since Sony Ericsson does not sell the spare parts for the headset! The only way  out is – you gotta buy some duplicate headset in some local market and fix the duplicate clip in the original headset – which I really don’t like but I am left with no other option! So, I am going to go to Ritchie street tomorrow to see if I can find a suitable duplicate! I hope I get one.. Lets see!


  1. After wasting my day completely, here is what I found! There is absolutely no way to replace the broken clip of MW600. No duplicate models or stand alone clips.
    I just have to either live with the broken clip or buy another brand new headset to enjoy the freedom & flexibility! Sigh!!! 😦

    1. Placed order for a brand new MW600 through eBay! Hmm..

    2. once the clip is gone there’s a big flat space just ready to have some epoxy / araldite smeared all over it and then just put the hook side of a strip of velcro to it… it might not clip onto the collar of a shirt like it used to but it works really well on my messenger bag.
      If you’re doing it just make sure you don’t get glue on the buttons, it takes ages to chip the excess off

  2. Mattias Johnsson · · Reply

    Well, there’s a Swedish SonyEricsson service partner selling the clip for 35 SEK (6 USD).

    However, the shipping is 99 SEK (15 USD) within Sweden.
    I’m about to order one to myself since I live in Sweden, but I guess the shipping becomes rather expensive for you!

    But just so you know, there is a MW600 CLIP spare part 🙂

    1. Woow!!! Thats great to know!
      Thanks for the info! If its in Sweden now, it will come here some time soon I hope!

  3. @Mattias – have you managed to fix-in the spare part?
    Could you please attach a Picture of the NEW one?

    maybe I can rig a fix for my MW600, customizing & using some metal SPRING and then post back here the solution !!
    Thanks a ton

    Else it has to be a new one Or rig a neck-SLING thru the holes (when you remove the plastic clip). Lets see. 🙂

  4. Does anyone else know where you can get the replacement clip? I live in the caribbean so getting it from sweden is pretty much out of the question. My clip also broke and my headset is one of the most important things in life since i use it on a daily basis to listen to music. Its kind of useless without the clip.

  5. @matias the spare part on the website you provided is it the clip+spring or just the spring @

  6. Filip · · Reply

    There are both options.
    “The Clip Incl. Spring (1229-1543)” is both clip and spring
    and the “CLIP SPRING, MW600 (1225-9193)” is just the spring (I don’t know why you’d want to get this actually =)
    Still it seems a bit expensive when the shipping is added.
    I think I’ll try to create a makeshift clip out of my GF’s hair clip thingies instead 😀

  7. kaliyug · · Reply

    Guys, there is another BIG PROBLEM with MW600. I agree with its sound quality. Mine is 7 months old and one day it stopped working suddenly and it was not switching on. I went to Sony Ericsson service centre and they had no clue about this product and they have taken my earpiece for seeing what they can do. i am yet to get a reply from them. i had shelved money equivalent to a mobile phone you can get in india for that price but unfortunately the battery life got over in 7 months and there is no way it can be replaced. BEWARE

    1. Hello People!

      I Fixed my MW600… 😀

      – I was listening music and it fell from my arm for the chair, about 30cm height and after that, it not power again…

      – I had to disassembled it. I had to remove its battery, spinning a little the battery and put its back. I pushed the power button and it worked… 😀

      Follow this video, step by step, for disassembly the mw600.

      Please, be careful!!!
      Good Look!

  8. There is a swedish online store Claes Ohlsson that sells the clip and spring for 58 SEK (around 9 USD)

    1. Thanks very much for the advice Jan. Clas Ohlson were able to provide a replacement clip/spring at a great price and I no longer need a safety pin to attach my MW600 to my vest when I go running or have a workout! 🙂


      1. hi nick! i lost the spring on my mw600 last week and i can’t find a replacement. can u help me out? i’m in the US.

  9. Madhukar Khanna · · Reply

    what is the actual price ( INR ) for sony… i’m getting it for Rs.2,374.05
    is it worth buyg it .. since i have an iphone 3gs is it compatible with his handset.. & in the end what abt the clip issue..has it been resolved as YET?

    1. I bought mine almost 1 yr back from Sony showroom and it was around 5k..
      It should be compatible with any phone having bluetooth A2DP.. but then you may have trouble to traverse the songs by pressing the keys in the headset..
      And.. I dont think we can get a clip replacement in India yet!!

    2. Sudheer · · Reply

      Madhukar, can you please post the site / shop details

  10. i just now broke my mw600 clip

    1. 🙂 You gotta buy a new headset altogether then!!!

  11. hi arthy it is very difficult to get the clip. if u have any idea to dispose it then contact me i am ready to buy it my contact number 09476051871(ANDAMAN)Hi Kaliyug i got the same problem as yours if rectified please inform me.

  12. Arghh….my clip is broken too!!

    I’ve just ordered a replacement to be delivered to a store local to me….it may take a week or two but I don’t mind the wait as long as it works.

    Really like the headset…but the volume control gets on my nerves too!

    1. Hi Nick,
      have you really managed to get replacement for the broken MW600 clip??
      Where do you live, and where did you get it??
      I also have my clip broken…

      1. Hi Sabine,

        sorry for the delayed reply but I thought it would be best to wait until I got the clip and was sure it was the correct part.

        I’ve just fitted it and my MW600 is as good as new again! Yippee!

        I’m based in the UK and I managed to find the replacement clip at a store called Clas Ohlson which was mentioned by Jan in one of the comments above (thanks very much to Jan!).

        They have stores in the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland but they do no provide a web ordering service at the moment.

        I’ve just ordered another 3 which should keep my MW600 in good working order for the time being. If you’re unable to get your hands on a replacement, let me know as I may be able to help out 🙂

    2. Hey nick……can u give me u r email address…. I need one and am in india…Can u help me??? Contact me at

      1. Hi Sid…

        i’ll try to order another one. I’m pretty sure they are still available as I ordered 3 a little while ago. However, when the missus went to pick them up for me she only collected one of them as she couldn’t see the point in getting them all! Women eh?…Apologies to any women reading this 😉 At present, i’ve only got one spare and i’d like to keep hold of that just in case the first replacement breaks…but so far it has been fine.

        I’ll reply here or drop you an email if I have any luck.


  13. The first one I bought had the clip pop off (it is held on by tiny plastic posts) and was the headset was lost. I went to a Sony Style store and they were sold out but had two that were missing the spring that they were going to send back to Sony. I bought another headset on eBay and it is missing the spring, I just sent them an email about returning it, maybe I’ll just take it back to the Sony Style store where I bought the first one and ask them about fixing it.

  14. It seems neither Sony Canada nor Sony USA sells the clip and/or spring.

  15. All you guys why dont u try glueing it with nice clip of some old pen shaping it to size of clip or getting some acrylic piece to clip shape sure that will work ……………… take some pain friends 🙂

  16. Simple solution, Bought Fevikwik and joined the broken headset. Now able to use again

    1. Oh really? that’s nice..
      But I couldn’t fix it up that easily.. Lucky you!

  17. Hi!! I recently lost the spring on my MW600 too. I love this headset and I am also unable to find a replacement for it. I hope someone can help me. I am in the US. Can any of you guys help? I’d like to get my headset fixed if it costs less than buying a new one.

  18. Szepesfalvy Tamás · · Reply

    Hi Nick,

    Today my clip broke and google dropped this blog for the first result. I’m in dire need of a replacement clip. Tried look it up on Clas Ohlson webshop, but it looks like they no longer sell the parts. Could you please confirm it? If the do so, then I’m willing to pay any expense to get a hold of a few.


    1. Hi Thomas,

      as I explained to Sid above, i’ll see what I can do. If i’m able to get some more, I don’t want ‘an expense’, just the cost of the product which is £4.50 and shipping which won’t be that much.


      1. Szepesfalvy Tamás · ·

        Hi Nick,

        If you get hold of some spare clips, I’m still interested to getting hold of them. 🙂


  19. i just bough it last night…

  20. Szepesfalvy Tamás · · Reply

    Hello everyone, I tought I made a little update on my broken clip. I was fortunate enough, that mine was replaced by the manufacturer, because the warranty was still live.
    So maybe they replace it for everyone IF the warranty is live.

    1. Szepesfalvy Tamás · · Reply

      Forgot to mention, I’m in Hungary.

      1. Just seen your update…

        Well done on getting it fixed 🙂


    2. Hi, how do you check if it comes with warranty?

      I don’t have any warranty card in the packaging.

  21. might be worth getting a ceep tie pin and glue it to the unit 😉

  22. Hey everybody! I just got my replacement MW600 in the mail. SE honored the warranty, as my headset was only 3 months old. Although it took longer than expected, I’m just glad to get it replaced for free. They even gave me a new charger and earphones! Oh, and I’m in the US right now. I hope you guys fare as well as I did. Cheers!

  23. Tveksam · · Reply

    Hi. I just ruined my clip today. I was at the airport going up in the escalator and an old man fell backwards so I had to save him. Damn! I can’t find the clip on Claes Ohlssons web-page and the previous link doesn’t work. Can anyone help me out with the article number? I’m living in Sweden!

  24. Abhishek · · Reply

    I’ve got a broken clip too.. I had been using the headset from September 2010 and the clip just broke last month.

    I’ve made a fix for the headset clip and it works quite fine.. If anyone’s interested, I’ll let you know the diy for it.. Now I’ve another problem with my battery though.. It keeps showing the charging animation for really long and even when it does stop like after at least some 10hrs or more, it works only for about 4 hrs of continuous music.. Is there any fix for this? Is the battery life

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      I would like to know how you fix the headset clip. My clip is broken last week. I love my MW600. I’m sourcing the solution for it. I’m living in Singapore and my colleague also having the same problem as well. Kindly contact me with my email Thanks

    2. Stefano · · Reply

      Hi Abhishek,
      Me too would like to know how you fixed the headset clip.
      Please, could you contact me at
      Thanks so much

  25. Abhishek · · Reply

    of the headset over? Isn’t there any easy and cheap fix for this problem apart from buying a new headset altogether?

  26. dj Shacka · · Reply

    Hi i am in the club where i love my Mw600 headset, but i have lost the spring. I am in the UK and able to view website but i do not know what i am looking for to fix the clip on my mw600

  27. Anyone here can help me to get the replacement clip and spring for MW600 will be very appreciate because in Singapore cannot get it. Thanks

  28. avinash · · Reply

    Guys! in the first place, where can I get it cheapest price, may be online?
    Any competitor model?

    1. hey avinash,

      even m lookin fora good sound quality stereo headphones.. my budget is 3500.. i had almost purchased d SE MW600 wen i came across dis blog n it made me think again.. so if u have bought any n u find it very appealing plz et me know..

  29. I too have a MW600 with a broken clip. life with out mw is diffcult which SE does’nt seem to know. I too looked for spare clip and some indigenious sol but failed. can some one atleast show a pic of how they stuck their clip.

  30. Tim Kimzey · · Reply

    This is obviously a consistant problem with many people, including myself. My clip started falling out about the first day i had the product. Luckily i kept finding the spring and popping it back in, until the little sprocket finally broke on one side. Super glue held it until it broke again, and again. Sony was of NO HELP whatsoever, told me they didn’t have the replacement clips. Actually told me to buy a new one basically. I was not rough with mine, just casual opening of the clip would make it fall out half the time. It’s a shame an otherwise decent product (other than the poorly-designed slide volume) is ruined by horrid cheap manufacturing of a clip. But without the clip this product is pretty much useless for its intended design. Sony should be ashamed for not standing behind its products and bad customer service though, that is just inexcusable.

  31. I know I said that I would get hold of some clips for people. I haven’t forgotten, i’ve just been very busy with other stuff.

    I hope to order some more soon but in the meantime, I stumbled across a possible workaround for many people. The spring from many butterfly hairclips is the perfect match for the mw600 clip. This will only work if you still have the plastic clip section but it’s a very cheap fix if you have!

  32. Same problem here. I have two MW600s and for both at some point the clip came off. I never had an issue putting the clip back in (there are tiny pins/holes and pushing it back in is not a problem unless the pins are broken). The actual issue is the spring. Once the clip comes off it bounces off and it is hard to find such a tiny thing. Now, without the spring the clips will not hold tight anymore and they will easily fall off. So I guess all that is needed is a replacement spring. Anybody have an idea where to get something suitable? Otherwise I agree with everything that was said: great device, good value, but downturns are the volume slider and especially the unreliable clip. Arthy: thanks for giving this issue a place on the web, looks like many people have this problem. SE should do something about it, really.

  33. My clip broke off as well. I’m thinking of epoxying a small hair clip like this one ( , Image from Amazon) in the place of the plastic one. A package of clips shouldn’t be but a couple of dollars, so I can replace them frequently if needed. I’ll report back if it works.

    I don’t want to have to shell out another $75 for a new one, but I love this bluetooth so much since it’s so easy to hide on my work uniform and so comfortable that I can wear it all day.

  34. Follow up: A 12-Pack of hair clips from Wal-Mart – $2. Loctite Epoxy Putty – $4. Roll of store-brand Scotch Tape – $.50. I used the Loctite putty to adhere the clip to the back of the bluetooth unit and used the scotch tape to hold it in place while the epoxy cured. The epoxy cured to a grey color, so I colored it black with a sharpie after it cured.

    Result: One perfectly serviceable MW600 with a clip that I now have eleven more of, all for $6.50 and a half hour of my time.

    1. Stefano · · Reply

      Hi J.S.
      I’m very interested in your solution. Please, could you send me some photos at
      Thanks so much.

      1. Here are the materials:

        Here’s the final fix:

        I snipped some of the “ears” off on the back where the original clip pivoted. I just mixed up some of the epoxy and put it under, around, and over the bottom part of the metal clip. I wrapped tape around the unit and the new clip to hold the clip in place until the epoxy cured, then I removed the tape.

      2. Stefano · ·

        Thank you,
        great solution. I’m going to look for similar materials (hair clip especially) here in Italy, so I’ll try the same.

  35. hi all, I understand u are all having probs with mw600. I have one as well and lost the spring after around 3 months, however still had the clip. yes, there is a solution which I have been using now for over a year and has never failed me. It does, however affect the asthetics of the machine. I suppose if you are walking about with it exposed to the public then you dont care what people think, therefore this solution will work for you. You dont need any resins or hard to find bits, all you need is a small cable tie. They come in all colours so you can match your mw600’s case. How to do it? position clip, it doesnt matter if one side is damaged, on its usual place. Wrap cable tie around casing and clip 1mm below answer button, pull tight and trim cable tie. Sorted! The cable tie has enough flex in it to act as a spring, therefore it will clamp on to anything, better than the original. As i say, I did this over a year ago and it has never missed a beat. Beware, the cable tie should be very taught and always 1mm below the answer button and be small. If not a small one it will infringe on the track forward button and wont work. Let me know how you all get on.

    Regards john scotland (the home of the worlds best engineers)

  36. Hi, just a update of this post, for those living in Singapore:

    The replacement clip for mw600 costs SGD$37.40 which is very expensive I think.
    Anyway, I asked the SE service center if it comes with warranty.

    I am still awaiting for their reply. I pray it is.

  37. Hi mam Ur Comments were good …. Thanks lot for the review …
    my small pece of advice is .. when u r ready to spend some hunderds for the clip … why dont u just make an external cover or a holder which will cost u few hundred and little amt of creative time …

  38. Hmmm. I just bought a new MW600, and while taking out of the package for the first time the clip popped off and the spring was lost. It really ought not to be packaged so that the clip is behind the tagboard like that. I’ll have to try to replace the spring with one from a hair clip – as suggested above.

  39. Hi guys,

    I have fallen victim to the cursed broken clip! I have tried Clas Ohlsson and they no longer stock the spare.

    Does anybody have a UK source that we can contact or would they be prepared to send one to me and I’ll cover the costs of it?


    1. Andy Mckenzie · · Reply

      Ollie.. Did u manage to get it sorted please? Just wondered if a clip can be bought in the UK… I’m in Bristol…


  40. If the only damage to the clip is in the bar keeping it connected to the MW600 there is a simple fix. As long as the clip still has it’s full length and you have the spring or something that can serve as a replacement all you need is a small zip-tie. Just hold the clip and spring on and place the zip-tie across where the clip is connected to the MW600. With a little care you get back all the functionality and at the same time you make the clip far more durable. have had this fix in place with my MW600 for about 2 years now at it works better than the original.

  41. Sebastian Kuo · · Reply

    Hi, love your non-stop emphasis on the CLIP….
    Actually I own the product and have the clip broken…but was
    able to fix it with….some kind of the plastic adhesive and a clip from your typical headphone bundling with your mobile, i.e Moto, sony…etc. Then, whoa-La. You have your mw600 a new serviceable clip

  42. Ahaa, its nice conversation on the topic of this post here at this webpage, I have read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

  43. hi,
    even i need one now broke my clip too n nic can you please help.

  44. I never used that clip. I found it inconvenient from the first moment. I attached a round-neck key holder to the device and I wear it, instead of clipping it on collar… There are also some black and discreet neck straps which attach on the device via micro usb, available for a few bucks at eBay…

  45. have the same model the mw600 not high enough build quality i find lots of devices with this rubberised coated plastic crack and fail, had a speck case do the same thing, the clip on the MW600 should quite obviously be made of metal, and sony not replacing parts like this even though they still make these items becomes very irritating. I wonder whether we could have a 3d printed replacement made ?

  46. I thought I would let you guys know I lost my spring for mine and managed to make a replacement using a paperclip. Good as new!

    1. Hellooo Guys I have To Headsets but both have same problem The battery drained so I check with care centre but they told me that there was no any parts of MW600 available with Us so plz anyone here how can I get battery for my MW600….

      1. Julius Gicana · ·

        Hi Abhijit, your battery model is GP0836L17 voltage 0.6wh its manufacturer is GPbatteries.

      2. Julius Gicana · ·

        Sometimes the fault is not battery but the molds that build up on the charger port. Same scenario for my MH100 battery is okey but the board is eaten up by molds.

  47. Same here, i can no longer charge my MW600. what can we do to fix this problem..

    1. Julius Gicana · · Reply

      Hi Donald, First thing is to check if your charger is okey. Second is charging the battery out of the unit.( Hopefully you got variable charging unit ).
      If battery manage to charge up and opens up your MW600 that’s good. Possible fault is charging port. If not you need battery replacement.

    2. Do you have your broken mw 600, I would like to purchase it from you.

      1. Hi,
        I don’t have it anymore.. Lost it long back..Don’t know where it is! 😦

  48. Andy Mckenzie · · Reply

    Nick… I to have tonight broken the clip on my MW600.. I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Could you possibly get one for me please. I’m desperate to continue using my headset…. Thank you very much. I’m in Bristol UK….

    Kind regards

    1. Hi, I guess all you need to do is use the Bluetooth with a pair of neckstrap earphones. They usually come with a lanyard to hang small mp3 players and it should not be difficult to connect the lanyard with the Bluetooth.
      I am personally using my MW600 paired with Philips neck strap headphones SHE3600 as it has a lanyard with a quick release lock so its easy to remove the Bluetooth from the earphones. I bought SHE3600 for just INR 600, its easily available on Ebay.

  49. Mike Gorman · · Reply

    Does anyone have a 3D model (autocad, solidworks) of the clip or could someone send pictures from multiple angles of the original clip? I have a friend who has a 3D printer and I have lost the clip but not the spring. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.

    1. Marcus Krause · · Reply

      Hello Mike,
      I found a 3D-CAD-file for a replacement clip in the internet. You can find it here:

      Kind regards,

  50. The spring from the clip just came off after 3 years. Is there a generic replacement part I can get? Could anyone provide the specs for the spring? I can probably make it myself.

  51. Hi everyone, I also lost the clip. I used a paper clip as replacement. once clipped on your pocket shirt, none will notice. see pictures:

  52. thought i would post this as a workaround after searching the web for a clip.
    i decided to use the squeezer from a pipette (similar to this i chopped it up and put it in the place where the spring originally went. voila! the jaws don’t open as wide but it still clamps down so will remain in place.
    have a look in your medicine cabinets you may well have one.
    cost zero if you have one and works just as well except the jaws not opening as wide.
    my mw600 has served me well for nearly 3 years and i cannot see anything half as good on the market today so im investing in another one just in case i lose this one.

  53. DrBibis · · Reply

    Guys, I’m from Ukraine. and I also broke the clip. spare not, but very interesting method of recovery. that I do without you 🙂
    now is what to do on the weekends.

  54. Martin · · Reply

    Also mine has broken after 2 years of heavy use and not any replacement from SE to find.
    So i fixed it with a paperclip, thanks to this picture from Luis:!1901&authkey=!AJceCwcDa0svepc#cid=A7528D22A7CCDE85&id=A7528D22A7CCDE85!1899&authkey=!AJceCwcDa0svepc

  55. I ripped apart a micro USB cable and attached just the port to my bag where I like to attach the mw600, I just plug it in when I want it to stay there. A bit of a work around but at least it works. Also I’ve seen cad files available for all those folks out there with 3d printers (not me…)

  56. Danger Ranger · · Reply


    when my clip popped off i lost the spring right away 😦
    in a german amazon review i came by a nice and cheap replacement repair method, it worked for me even though i dindnt know what the original MW600 spring looked like.

    how to replace the MW 600 spring with a miniature clothespin spring:

    youll fin miniature clothespins on amazon and ebay, i got mine from

    it needs some workaround and it is a delicate and a tricky process so you should take your time and a good amount of patience:

    @ first shorten both the twisted ends of the replacement spring, they hold the mini clothespin parts together.
    then twist both lose ends, so they can fit into the spring anchor places, both on the clip and on the MW600
    you have check the spiral of the spring does not block the clip’s anchor places on the MW600, eventually you might need to adjust the width of the spring so the clip can fit in the anchors without damaging them

    if you are lucky you now have a good as new working MW600 clip

    sorry, but thats the best i can describe how i did it, good luck!


    find the original german post on:

    1. Thanks for this!

  57. Hi every one, had the same problem…but fixed the clip myself. try fixing the spring first in the clipper and then position the headset accordingly….not the the other way around….
    Step 1 please chk google images to understand the spring groove in the clipper.
    Step 2 place the spring in the clipper, u ll notice a small line in the clipper fixing spot. Jus place the spring lying parallel to the line.
    Step 3 Hold the clipper with spring steadily…and then try fixing the headset onto it.make sure that side grooves(plastic) on the headset sit exactly on the plastic side grooves of the clipper.
    Step 4. Push/pull the arrangements in north south direction for the spring to settle down.
    Step 5 – More importantly….Have some patience!!!

    1. Hi there, where can I find these google pictures? I definitely need them to do this project. Thanks!

  58. hi everyone I recently got this WM600 but unfortunately my OLED screen Broken because of tight of my Denim (i guess) But there is no Physical Damage at all But inside Glass Broken I can See That Transparently True The black screen in Sunlight, Can i get Only the Display Separately I need to Replace It

  59. Sony Singapore Service Centre at Bishan charged me Singapore Dollars 35.00 to replace the SPRING of the clip, instead of sparing me 1 piece out of goodwill, or at least a token cost. NEVER BUY SONY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY $35 FOR A CLIP SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. hi… I want to purchase the headset if u still have it… I know u put the post long ago… however, let me know the price if u r willing to sell… not a problem even if it is broken…

  61. Sanjeev Kumar · · Reply

    If anyone can send me faulty MW600 at the reasonable rates (I just need the battery actually), I’m ready to pay thru paypal. I live in India.

  62. I have broken the clip on my MW600 twice and it’s still working now. The 1st time the spring mechanism broke. I simply discarded it, put the clip in place with no spring and stuck a piece of rubber (half a thickish rubber washer) in the top. This holds the clip closed yet allows you to open it under finger pressure. Works well. Second time the lugs broke off after I pressed too hard. This I fixed with a two part cement. Still going after years.
    Don’t throw any away. A little lateral thinking and they work as good as new, you cant see any difference without close inspection. Anybody want me to fix one get in touch
    if you’re going to throw yours away, I’ll have it as a spare for when I lose mine. All the best

  63. Why don’t u buy two small neodymium magnets and glue one to the head set? Then u could put one inside ur dress (or what ever) and fix it that way

  64. i also have same problem with the clip but i corrected the problem with my idea how to repair it and it was done .

  65. I have the same problem, but this time I found how flexible the Chinese manufacture is! Check on Taobo(Chinese ebay) where it costs only 20yuan(3.2 USD), but not sure how to ship to the world…:

  66. tie the clip to headset using rubber band.

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