Fixing the fallen keys from your laptop!!

I started hating myself for a while when I spent almost 4 hours in fixing  the fallen key from my laptop! Phew! I think it is one of the hardest thing to do especially when you don’t have proper tools!

I was cleaning my laptop the other way when all of the sudden the F5 key popped out! I never realized that it is going to take this long to fix it! I was so confident that it should be a simple stuff to do  – like a matter of 5 min. But then, I do not know anything about hardware and I have never seen a laptop key separately before! So, as usual I googled about fixing laptop keys and got a bunch of results. Obviously, I went in for the video results thinking that it would make my job easier!

I could see that the procedure for fixing fallen keys differ from model to model and also within a particular laptop model, keys of different shapes have to be fixed differently! But then the basic idea would be the same. The underlying parts & their arrangement would differ!

Since mine was Dell Inspiron 6400, I searched videos for the same and got this one in youtube:

Fixing laptop key – Dell Inspiron 6400 from Youtube

However, the process seemed to be too complicated for me then and I decided to live with a broken F5 key though I do use it often!

But within another week, the key “T” came off! (Not to blame the laptop! Its  just my rough use which made it fall apart! I felt that something was stuck beneath the key because it was hard for me to press it! So, I just pressed it harder and the T got stuck! And when I pulled it back, it just came in my hand! I don’t think any woman would be showing all her power on her laptop! Hehe! 😉 ) I was really shocked! And I realized that I cant live without “T” key as well! It would be so hard to type! (Did you see how many “t”s I already typed in a line?!) So.. it just sunk in to me that I MUST fix the key somehow RIGHT NOW!

Huh! I was so ignorant about laptop keys that I wasn’t even sure if I have all the parts  of the key – I mean I wasn’t sure if its broken or just a fallen key! Then again, I started searching in Google desperately! I found this particular link useful – It made some sense to me! But still I couldn’t find all the parts mentioned in this article.I just had a key in hand and the laptop revealed a plain rubber hole. I didn’t know where  to find the tiny parts as shown in the website (and also in the video before!).

Then I thought I should really pull out some other key to understand how to fix this fallen key. Earlier when I was googling, I found many replies in forum saying the same thing – pull out a working key to find out how to fix the fallen one! I din’t dare to do it then but now there is no other option. So, I pulled out the “Y” key nearby..

Thank god, I pulled it properly so that it revealed the underlying parts clearly. There were 3 parts arranged in a specific manner to form the mechanical spring on which the key rests. What had happened was, those 3 parts also had come along with the key itself and they were stuck in the underside of the key. So, I couldn’t see those parts earlier and I did not know where to find those parts mentioned! Then I pulled out those parts carefully from underneath the key and fixed it by seeing the arrangement revealed in the “Y” key!

It took 4 long hours to do fix these 2 keys. Also, F5 key was different from the character “T” key. So, I had to pull out the F6 to see how it is arranged and fixed it after struggling for few hours with it! Finally, though I fixed both keys,  it left me with severe neck & shoulder pain but also a great deal of satisfaction that I was able to fix it myself! 😉

If you wanna fix a fallen key in your laptop (or probably in desktop as well), then you really have to pull out a normal key of similar size to understand how to fix it. The task can be really painful if you dont have previous experience in it and proper tools in hand! So, better watch out with those keys!


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  1. I fixed (rather loosely stuck back) a H key when son some managed to pull it. It just took a few days. After fixing, it was not the same – it needed even lighter touch or sometimes h get typed as hhhhhhhhhh.

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