Stop those rapid fire questions!!!

I really hate it when people fire rapid questions at me – especially when they haven’t been in touch with me for long because of ‘you know why’ reason! I simply can’t stand it!

You know why you haven’t been in touch with me for so long. And so do I. We don’t care to be in touch with each other anymore for some reason!  But, life doesn’t allow us to be like that forever! At some point of time, we are forced to interact! And, when we “interact” after such a long gap, I don’t understand how one can be so rude to just fire questions in the name of getting back in touch!! It is just completely ridiculous and offensive in my opinion! I just want to keep away from such ruthless and pompous people!

Last week I happened to call such a person. We haven’t spoken in  – what almost 5 years or so. Of course so many things would have happened in this time gap. If you really cared to know whats been going on in my life, then either you would have already called me sometime in these 5 long years or at least now, when I happen to call you, you would offer to spend your ‘time’ with me by simply asking out for a lunch or dinner or  try to schedule some kind of ‘meet-up’ so that we can leisurely talk about things going on in each other’s life. 5 years of life is too long to discuss over phone in 5 minutes! And, all I want to ask you is, why would I call you to give you an update of my life??

Of all the things, all you want to do is to just fire questions at me about my life without even letting me to take a breath!  If you do care to know about me,  then you got to respect me and spend time with me to know me and my life. I don’t want to give any short summary of life to some passer-by! I don’t want to discuss about my life with some X-Y-Z!

And even if you are going to call me all of a sudden and fire questions at me, I am not going to answer them at all! You barge into my private space  by calling my personal number and you fire questions and expect me to patiently answer all your queries? You think I am jobless waiting for someone to call me and ask me about my life? I am not at anybody’s disposal!

I, of course, don’t blame for not being in touch! Because, we can’t always be in touch with everyone! I am not able to be in touch with everyone I care about as well. But then, when I get chance, I try to arrange some dinner or lunch or some time-out to leisurely talk about each other’s life.  (If we are living in different timezones, I schedule some convenient time for skype/chat/phone call). That is what I call as getting back in touch and that is what I do to really know about someone.

I do not take people for granted. And I do not like it when others try to do that to me as well! You might call me too sensitive or egoistic (as I have already discovered about myself 😉 ), but if you take time to think about it, I am sure you will agree with me! It all boils down to “Respect for individual” and it is indeed a MUST for maintaining cordial social relationships. You don’t have to yield to someone’s ruthless behavior and you better don’t do that to anyone else as well! Fair enough! Isn’t it?


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