Can food change your life?

There is a saying in Tamil by Thirumoolar – Udambai Valarthen Uyir Valartheane which literally means ‘preserve body to preserve soul’. This verse is one of the most misunderstood sayings and is exploited by many for over-eating or indulging in bodily details!

But thinking deeper, it really makes a lot of sense!  After all, ‘Thirumoolar’ is not just another common man! We  live through the body and the soul exists in this world through the instrument called body! We build our ‘karma’ through this body and also experience the effects of our karma through the very same body. The body is the instrument for our journey through out!

And, we build our body through food! The food we eat, influences the way our body & mind functions including our breathing pattern either directly or indirectly!

I have seen this and experienced this first hand! When I am hungry, my mind cannot think coherently! I lose focus in things and I start uttering disconnected or malformed words! In fact I can’t withstand the AC’s chilness when I am hungry! When I eat, I regain my usual strength and calmness. Not only that, the type of food I eat influences my mood and behavior and vice versa. And in fact the way I eat the food also controls my digestion and assimilation! When I eat faster in a hurry, it doesn’t get digested that easily! Eating slowly allows me to enjoy the food and also lets me remain calm!

So.. the food we eat influences our mood and hence our actions and hence our karma and hence our life! The very breath we take is influenced by the food we take. The breath, is the very essence of our life. Indeed one can preserve the soul – the living – the karma by preserving the body!

How you preserve the body is the key! The food which we take plays a major role in that! So, isn’t it important to take the right food cooked in the right way for building our body right?

But in today’s fast world, we don’t even find time to cook our food and we just grab and eat whatever is within our reach! But then we don’t realize what we are doing to ourselves by eating some junk just to fill our grumbling tummy!

If people realize that the food we eat is not just going to fill the tummy but is gonna get to the very roots of life, then probably we will take more time to build our body right through right food! Sigh!


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