Lessons learnt during blogging!

I have been blogging for almost 3 years.. Though my blog hasn’t come in the “Freshly Pressed” of wordpress or topped in any blog contest, I still have learnt how to successfully blog! And most importantly, how not to blog! 😉 Just that, I don’t apply my findings consistently since I lose focus often!! And, as soon as I stop following, my site stats goes down which reinforces my learning!Though I started blogging for my own pleasure – as a hobby, when the visitor count increases, it makes me more happy! It is another motivation to keep me going and definitely makes me fly in the air for a while! 😉

So, I thought I would share my ‘learning’ for the benefit of like-minded bloggers out there!

Post Regularly!
This is my first learning! You gotta post regularly to attract better traffic!The search engines will show up results only from those blogs which gets updated regularly! So, make sure you post regularly like once a week or better once every day! Don’t forget to make use of the “Scheduling” feature of wordpress to spread your posts evenly across the time line..

Information is wealth!
Well.. this was kinda the hard part in my learning! Basically, I started this blog to actually pen down some of my deepest thoughts, feelings, perceptions and realizations. And, I have been doing so till date. But very rarely people visit my blog for reading such stuff! Majority of my visitors actually land up in the blog searching for some “information”. Nobody is going to google about your deep emotional feelings and nobody is going to read the posts unless and until there is something in for them – either it should be funny/entertaining or it should be informative!

Pictures convey more meaning!
Posting with pictures does help in making your blog more popular. I have read this in many places and found it true many times personally! But then, often I become lazy to get appropriate pictures for the post and publish without posts! And I do see that the stats fall down because of that! So, its a must thing to take care of! 😉

Keep it short!!
Yes! This is very true! As mentioned in one of the previous points, people visit your blog for information or for entertainment! But, if you are a professional writer who can impress your readers with writing such that they can’t stop reading even if its more than a page, then it is a different story altogether! Otherwise, it is always better to keep your posts short!

Emphasizing the last point, let me try to keep (at least ? ) this post short! Opening the floor for the readers to add more – What did you learn through your blogging journey? And what do you do to entertain your readers? Feel free to share your ideas!



  1. I agree with all of this. And I’m duly impressed with 28,000+ clicks. I blog for my own enjoyment as well, but knowing I’m being read is a huge benny. Being retired gives me more than ample time to do so, and blogging is something I can interrupt several times and still come up with a decent post. Like I’ll take a walk and come back to edit or add. It also motivates me to keep my camera by my side.
    But mostly I like reading. I learn from every post and occasionally I make a good friend. And the price is right. Definitely.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.. 🙂
      Btw, you have a very nice blog!

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