Graceful Aging!

As I mentioned in the previous post – Symptoms of Aging, I do get worried some times when the reality sinks in to me – reminding me of my age!

But then, on a serious note, I don’t mind getting old at all! And in fact I am all set to welcome the next phase of my life! I am getting old – So what? Its just another phase – a natural process!! Anyways change is inevitable and becoming old is just another change!One thing is definitely true – I confess that I do get super scared when I think about how I would be in my after 70s! But I also think this fear is inevitable for any human being! Because that is the age when you will have to depend on others! When your body is not really listening to you! And that is when problems will arise! There again, if my needs are less, I guess I will invite less trouble! I am not sure how it is actually going to be! I can’t think or predict a future that far! I just hope I get more self-sufficient and independent with less needs and cause less trouble to others by that time!

There is no point in trying to get stuck at one stage/phase of life.. Life has to move on.. or else, I will get bored! 😉

There is no point in trying to act like you are younger or fearing too much about old age! Acting like you are young is not going to suit you anymore and fearing about old age is only going to make you look more older!

I have seen some people trying desperately to look younger than they what actually are by wearing make-overs or some funky dresses! I just want to go and tell them – “Hey c’mon! It doesn’t suit you anymore!” But yea.. they are so desperate that they don’t see what they “actually” are doing!

And yes.. no point in getting “pre-mature” as well! I also know certain people who get more matured than what their actual age specifies! Again, I don’t think that is necessary!

Welcoming the change and living every moment of the new phase of life – as it is, is what I stand for! And I believe that it will definitely make it more enjoyable and memorable!

Its just the next phase of life where in we are able to see things from a higher perspective! Its like as though you are moving from the sea shore / beach to the deep sea with your age! The more you go towards center of the sea, the more deeper, peaceful it gets!

Just that we need to get there consciously, peacefully and whole heartedly without any sort fear! Because, there is nothing to fear actually! I would call it as “Graceful Aging!” 😉


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  1. Skylark · · Reply

    True! Personally, I have never had a problem with this by myself as its just a fact that needs to be accepted (or maybe its because I hve not xperienced a “yes” to the symptoms of aging yet! 😉 ), but still irks me when someone else talks about my aging!!!!

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