Symptoms of Aging!

After my 25th birthday, I didn’t want anymore birthdays to come! Because every birthday was reminding me of my age and making me feel more mature (Wow! that’s a nice way of saying old! 😉 ) and responsible!

Well… its not that I want to stay young forever! In fact I am glad to embrace the aging! But the symptoms of aging which I see everyday in my life, are constantly reminding me that I am getting old which is what I don’t like!

Symptoms of Aging!
So… these are some of the symptoms I see for myself! If you too, answer yes for more than 3 of the below questions, then… “welcome to the wise-men crowd!!” 😉

  • Lost interest in typing the SMS? Wanna just pick up the phone, call the person and finish the talk?
  • Often get embarrassed by teens for not knowing some abbreviations and jargons?
  • Caught yourself explaining things in a very detailed manner to some teen who just nods his/her head in a way that says “Oh stop that! I understood what you mean!!”
  • Or maybe found yourself talking more than what is necessary for answering a simple question?
  • You feel that maybe there is some real “need” for using cosmetics?
  • You worry a lot of about your future especially when you see some old people?

I have had these experiences and many more which just makes me to say to myself – “Oh yea! I can see that I am growing old!! Phew!”

What are yours? Have you had such experiences which reminds you of your age? Or makes you “realize” that you are getting old?



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  2. Ethannai Pillaigal Petrom
    Ethannai Piravigal Piranthilaithom
    Ethannai Banthangal Murithom
    Athunnai Piravikkum Aatharamai Iruntha
    Ikkaayathai, Porti Pughazuthal Onre Vazhi.

    The true understanding that we are beyond the causation of Body & Mind will Bring us to the truth that we are ageless & Death is but a change of form.

    One of the best ways to Enjoy life is to stop Judging. It so Happens that it happens 🙂

    Disclaimer –
    I am only responsible for what I say, I am not responsible for how you take it.

    Wishing you only the best.

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