Its been so long!

I just realized that the last post I made was somewhere in March – 4 months back!!  Well.. Its been so long! Many things have kept me busy and away from laptop – one important thing being –  preparing my body and mind for moving to next phase of my life : parenthood! So, I am gonna add one more role to the list of roles I am playing already – ‘Mother’ as well by next few months! And after that, I am not really sure how much time I can devote this little online personal space of mine! 🙂

After going through lot of physical and emotional changes, I think I am once again stabilizing now. And, I actually did miss blogging for a while. I was like real disturbed for a while and been very reactive to everything & everyone around me. It was then that I realized how much blogging has actually helped me in keeping my stability! Because blogging had really helped me spend time on “reflection” – reflecting on my thoughts and beliefs and character!!

I actually went through my blog once again and read some of my posts and felt better! This is amazing! 🙂 And.. I hope I will find enough time in the coming months as well to continue my “reflection” through blogging! Lets see! 😉



  1. hi arthy!
    hearty congrats ma! 😀
    welcome to the club.
    take care

  2. I’m reading this so late (by many weeks). I’m sure ur baby would love all the music that u love too. Enjoy the pregnancy & everything that follows .

  3. It seems, you are too busy! Thats life, full of surprises. hope, you are enjoying the new roles 🙂


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