Why they say pregnancy period is golden!

Well.. another 4 months passed by before I could catch up some time and write whats been there in my mind..

Whoever I spoke to about my pregnancy told me that this is a golden period and I have to enjoy it to the fullest! It wasn’t long before I realized why they pregnancy period is “golden”. Actually speaking, it is not at all “golden” or “fun” or “relaxing” or whatever nice terms they use – especially when you are going to compare it with the pre-pregnancy period before. People around just keep saying such words to make you happy! That’s all!

Once you become pregnant, there are actually lots of restrictions and rules to follow! Lots of hormonal changes and difficult times in life. You will become more dependent on others and lose the freedom that you enjoyed before. Diet and exercise pattern changes and also you need to be more careful about your health and infections – because you cant rely on those antibiotics anymore to cure your cold or fever! Your life actually gets more and more challenging especially if you are a working woman! Coping up with the morning sickness, physical & emotional changes and other issues in addition to managing work at home & office is not a joke! The list goes on! The bottom line is – your life changes! Completely! Once for all!

But still why they keep saying “Enjoy this period.. Its golden!” and so on ? Well… comparing with the period after – post-pregnancy, this period is definitely golden! It was actually when my doctor once said these words that I realized how golden is pregnancy! When I kept complaining to my Gynecologist that I am feeling tired and drowsy all the time because of which I skipped my walking regime, she immediately retorted back saying “You wont even have time to feel your tiredness once the baby is out! So stop complaining!”. How true! Pregnancy is just a beginning! Its actually preparing your mind and body for the new big change that is going to come in the next few months!

So, if you are planning to become pregnant – “Beware! I am not trying to scare you here! But seriously – its not a joke!” Lots of things to think about before you carry and bring a new life to this world!

If you are expecting – like me, I too would like to give the same advice – “Pregnancy is really golden period! Enjoy to the fullest, for what is going to come next is gonna be real fun! ;-)”

My ‘so-called’ golden period is almost coming to end! 😉 I think and I hope I am ready to manage the changes to come! Lets see!



  1. lol!!! Perrrfect explanation!:) I see my sis’s life after my neice was born….the whole world revolves around the kid!!!:)

  2. ha ha I just realised I was one of the culprits who posted ‘enjoy your pregnancy’ .
    You might have thought ‘blah blah blah’. I actually enjoyed ‘golden moments’ of my WIFE’S pregnancy; I got beaten up by her few times when she got the ‘blues’ (I am showing the way for you to go, I am sure your hubby will hate me for this).


    1. hahaha! 🙂
      Actually I did it already – many times! And I have no idea if my husband enjoyed those golden moments! 😉
      Well.. Actually speaking, I am consciously enjoying every moment of my pregnancy now – because I know what kind of responsibility is waiting for me later on.. I have no hard feelings or what so ever!! I am just preparing myself for the next phase of my life! 🙂

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