Its the “reading block” rather than a “writers block”! blog keeps sending those topic ideas daily for getting rid of the “writer’s block” and encouraging its users to write more!

But, things never work like that for me! I will almost never ever do something because someone else is asking me to do it! I need to have a valid self-motivation behind it!These topic suggestions won’t work for me because, I actually don’t own them – they are not mine! I can’t think for someone else. I would love to write about some idea or thought or something which has actually sprouted in my mind and gets incubated there for a while when I find it interesting enough to pen down in my blog! That way, I am more motivated to write – to share my thoughts and feelings to this virtual world through my space – rather than just writing something because I committed to blog!

Also, recently I found one more interesting thing about myself – Its not a writer’s block for me – I would rather call it as a “reading block“. Because I don’t feel like writing anything at all – unless and until I read something in the first place – yes something! This something is mostly irrelevant to what I write. But to me, the writing spirit comes into active mode only when I start reading something! Probably my creativity gets boosted and entertained only when I start reading in the first place. If I get into this “reading block” – when I don’t read, I don’t write as well! I am able to get that energy and motivation for writing only when I read something interesting!

So.. how about you? Do you have this “writing block” first of all? Or you are always spontaneous? In case you do have the ‘so-called writing block’ – how do you overcome it?


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