What a child can do to you!

She is my motivation and she is my roadblock as well!
She is my energy booster yet she is the one who drains it all!
This little beauty of my life – I think she’s here
To turn me insideout and to throw me upsidedown!
To bring in lot of irreversible changes – 
Doesn’t matter if I like it or not!! 
All, for creating a new ME – Which 
I could have never imagined myself to be! 

Phew!! I never knew the marriage or a child could bring so many changes to life?!!

And as usual, I stick on to my ignorant passivity and watch life dawn upon me! 



  1. if I am right, this is the post after a long interval, ..,
    of course we know what you were upto.
    you have added a word in your profile… the first word.

    we now know its a girl. congrats. I think the writer starts looking around after a long while.

    1. Thanks Yen! Yea it’s a girl and she is almost 1.5 yrs now.. Keeping me busy all the time! 🙂

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