Will Blinkist replace books / ebooks ?

In this age of internet, books are already losing their popularity since we have information overload in all places. We rarely buy books for learning something. Of course its easier to google!

ebooksTo add to this, we also have pirated and legal versions of ebooks which are either free or much cheaper than the paperback. So, people prefer to have hundreds and thousands of books in a small pen drive or on their phone or on kindle and carry them around rather than carrying a real book! “Convenience” of course! 

And now, here comes another ultra sleek version of non-fiction books – “Blink”s as they call it from Blinkist. Blinks are short 15 minutes summary of an entire book which might take months to complete. The summary is written cherry-picked by people who have actually read the book and give it us as “blinks” in the condensed form which guarantee to transform you in just 15 minutes. Some of these blinks are also audio enabled which is even more convenient. Especially when you are travelling!

I have found myself becoming somewhat addicted to these audio blinks which I keep hearing during my train commute toRead-Faster-with-Blinkist work in the morning. I find it very inspiring way to spend an otherwise useless time waiting for buses or trains standing in a busy place. In fact I couldn’t believe myself paying around 70EUR per anum for buying this app in App store but I feel its worth every penny I paid. Also, its like getting a sneak peak to some book which you are thinking to buy.

Of course, one can never replace the fun of reading with real paper books. Smelling them and holding them in your hands and reading page by page is really a wonderful experience which cannot be replaced by ebooks or iBooks or kindle or whatever any new technology can bring in. So, these guys made it explicit that they are not even remotely trying to do that! Instead the blinkist app is claiming to be complementing their real counterparts. You can make a decision whether you will like a book or not by listening or reading their blinks and then decide to buy it.

So, what do you think about this new concept of “blinks” ? Will you be interested in buying such an app ? Will you be interested in real paper books or such technological advancements? I would love to hear your thoughts through comments below!


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