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Will Blinkist replace books / ebooks ?

In this age of internet, books are already losing their popularity since we have information overload in all places. We rarely buy books for learning something. Of course its easier to google! To add to this, we also have pirated and legal versions of ebooks which are either free or much cheaper than the paperback. So, […]

Godfather – Mario Puzo

I haven’t seen the movie Godfather – which is rated as top most movie by IMDB next to Shawshank Redemption. But, I recently read the novel written by Mario Puzo. Actually, this is the first ever novel I read of this kind –  a crime thriller kinda thing! And, I found it quite interesting. Well, […]

5 point someone – Chetan Bhagat

I read this book – ‘5 point some one by Chetan Bhagat’ on a single day last week end.. Yea.. it does not need more time. Just 250 and odd pages. Well, almost everyone here knows that the movie “3 Idiots” though based on this novel, is very different from the book. The movie just […]

State of Fear – Michael Crichton

I generally hesitate to read big books. But somehow caught hold of this one by Michael Crichton and happened to complete it as well!

This novel revolves around environment, global warming and its research. It is very big book and at times went a bit dry with lot of facts and figures about environment. Some times, it was even boring to read so much about environment. But, right at those times Michael Crichton introduces some thing nice in the story line which makes you…

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Digital Fortress is a thriller novel with lot of interesting stuff on Cryptography and code breaking. I think this is the first book written by Dan Brown. It was really an interesting book to read with lot of twists and surprises. The story is all about how the NSA’s (National Security Agency of USA) code […]