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Dallas Buyers Club

One of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen in the recent past. This movie is basically about someone who doesn’t want to give up just because the doctors have given him only 30 days to live! He fights AIDS and lives 7 years after he was diagnosed with the deadly disease. The movie is all about how he […]

Disappointing Ravanan!!

I watched Ravanan in the weekend.. Well, though I didn’t have much hopes before watching the movie, I was still disappointed for several reasons! But one thing is definitely good in the movie – the picturization of all the scenes or cinematography was excellent. And the selection of locations is really awesome! Other than that, […]

Why Kamal Hassan has not won Oscar?

I really admire Kamal Hassan’s talent and his ardent efforts to bring out quality films in Tamil. He has very good lateral thinking and I believe his hard work should have taken him to greater heights by now. I wonder why he has not got Oscar yet! AR Rahman got international exposure through Danny Boyle […]

What Kollywood can do to beautiful women!

I wonder where are these make-up men/women coming for Kollywood movies.. and where they take training to turn even a most beautiful women to an ugly piece of shit! This has always been the thought whenever I see Sridevi in any of the tamil movies.. Oh my GAUD! She is one of the most beautiful […]

Modhi Vilayadu

Modhi Vilayadu is the worst movie I have even seen so far in my life. Its totally a screwed up movie with loads and loads of money wasted. Looks like this movie was produced with a sole purpose of stripping the producer off his wealth! There is not a big story behind. But that is […]