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Is Microwave Cooking Healthy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, vacation really matters. I am really surprised to find myself with time and interest to post again! Woow! Actually the main reason for coming back to blog posting was that – I wanted to share this information to everyone – About the healthiness of Microwave cooking! Advertisements

Fixing the fallen keys from your laptop!!

I started hating myself for a while when I spent almost 4 hours in fixing  the fallen key from my laptop! Phew! I think it is one of the hardest thing to do especially when you don’t have proper tools! I was cleaning my laptop the other way when all of the sudden the F5 […]

Don’t end up with crooked doctors!

Its been long since I visited a doctor and how I wish I don’t visit doctor anymore! Not because that I don’t want to suffer from illness but because I don’t want to visit these crooked doctors anymore!

Oracle bought Sun!

I was really surprised when I came to know the news that Oracle bought Sun last week!It was really a shocking news for me! I couldn’t believe it at all! I know it happened long time back but poor me, I just came to know about it few days back! 😦 Why Sun accepted for […]

Will Micro-hoo! beat Google?

Alas, Microsoft successfully persuaded Yahoo! for getting access to the Yahoo!’s search engine technology. Also the deal is for next 10 years. I did not like it actually. I was expecting Yahoo! to stay firm in its decision. It has been almost 3 years since Microsoft has been trying to take over Yahoo! But looks […]