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Is Microwave Cooking Healthy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, vacation really matters. I am really surprised to find myself with time and interest to post again! Woow! Actually the main reason for coming back to blog posting was that – I wanted to share this information to everyone – About the healthiness of Microwave cooking! Advertisements

Why they say pregnancy period is golden!

Well.. another 4 months passed by before I could catch up some time and write whats been there in my mind.. Whoever I spoke to about my pregnancy told me that this is a golden period and I have to enjoy it to the fullest! It wasn’t long before I realized why they pregnancy period […]

Born with depression?

I was surprised to read this post in BrainBlogger: How Young is Too Young to Diagnose Depression? It says even pre-school kids of age 3-6 are diagnosed with depression and other emotional problems! I wonder how! I mean, they are too small to even feel / understand the world! At the age of 3, when […]

Humans are developing slower?

I have always found it amazing that we humans have evolved with better cognition abilities than animals. For example, right from the origin of Earth ( I mean, time immemorial ) all the other animals have been using the same means of communication: A dog has been barking like this only for a long time. […]

Wisdom tooth and pregnancy

Can you believe if I say that your wisdom tooth can cause trouble during your pregnancy? Its very strange but it is true! My Dentist ‘enlightened’ me about some real crazy research papers which has revealed this strange connection between the wisdom tooth and pregnancy. In general, when we eat food, the food particles get […]