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Is Microwave Cooking Healthy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, vacation really matters. I am really surprised to find myself with time and interest to post again! Woow! Actually the main reason for coming back to blog posting was that – I wanted to share this information to everyone – About the healthiness of Microwave cooking! Advertisements

Symptoms of Aging!

After my 25th birthday, I didn’t want anymore birthdays to come! Because every birthday was reminding me of my age and making me feel more mature (Wow! that’s a nice way of saying old! 😉 ) and responsible! Well… its not that I want to stay young forever! In fact I am glad to embrace […]

Secret behind soft chapatis

When preparing dough, just use fresh curd. Don’t use even a single drop of water. And finally add a little bit of oil (Gingelly or Sun-flower) so that the dough does not stick on to your hand. That is it! Soft chapatis are guaranteed! You don’t need to add oil on the tawa while preparing […]

Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai

I watched the movie Angels and Demons at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai. I went there after around 3 years! My Gawd! I couldn’t imagine the changes they have made to the theater! It looked really posh with all tiles and glasses glittering all around. Also, very much organized with respect to ticket booking and seat […]

The long awaited Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz was supposed to be introduced in India quite a long time back. I know many people who wanted to wait and buy Honda Jazz and were disappointed. So, the good news is, it is finally launched in India from June 10th. But you will be surprised by the cost of this ‘compact’ car […]