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Honda CityZX Vs All New Honda City

Both cars look great of course.. But CityZX is outdated model and this all new city is getting more and more admirers day by day.. Since, CityZX is already stopped, whats the whole point of comparison? Well, still people do possess CityZX (including me! 😛 ). So, we need to know what we have and […]

Indian Recipes – All that you want!

All interesting Indian cuisine recipes are now available for you to download as a PDF from the widget at the right bottom of this page. Many recipes – from simple Sambhar to exotic Navarathan Kurma, Pav Bhaji, Payasam, delicious north & south Indian sweets and many more! Just take a look! I am sure […]

Airtel Vs Sun DTH Service

As I mentioned in my first post of 2009, lots of things are keeping me busy.. And one such thing is buying a new TV and a Digital TV connection.. We decided that we are going for LCD and we were pondering whether to go for Samsung or Sony. My husband had more interest in […]

RSI – Prevention is better than cure

RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury. I am suffering from RSI for almost an year.. I got this because of repetitive movements with mouse. Damn! It just kills me at times. I get burning sensation in the hand and it becomes really cold even when the AC is off. I have been using this software – […]

Welcome back to (Smoky) Chennai!

After an year of peaceful life in Holland, we are back to our home land – Chennai. We came 5 months back.. First thing that shocked me was the alarming rate of traffic! 1.5 yrs back, I am sure it wasnt this bad.. I was living in the ‘hot’ spot – Velachery and I could […]