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Vacation Matters!!!

After 1.5 years, we found time only recently to launch our first vacation with our baby. And amidst the tiresome running behind her, adventurous diaper changes in the running car and so on, I did enjoy our 10 day vacation – especially because it was after such a long break! Advertisements

What a child can do to you!

She is my motivation and she is my roadblock as well! She is my energy booster yet she is the one who drains it all! This little beauty of my life – I think she’s here To turn me insideout and to throw me upsidedown! To bring in lot of irreversible changes –  Doesn’t matter […]

Its the “reading block” rather than a “writers block”! blog keeps sending those topic ideas daily for getting rid of the “writer’s block” and encouraging its users to write more! But, things never work like that for me! I will almost never ever do something because someone else is asking me to do it! I need to have a valid self-motivation behind it!

Why they say pregnancy period is golden!

Well.. another 4 months passed by before I could catch up some time and write whats been there in my mind.. Whoever I spoke to about my pregnancy told me that this is a golden period and I have to enjoy it to the fullest! It wasn’t long before I realized why they pregnancy period […]

Its been so long!

I just realized that the last post I made was somewhere in March – 4 months back!!  Well.. Its been so long! Many things have kept me busy and away from laptop – one important thing being –  preparing my body and mind for moving to next phase of my life : parenthood! So, I […]