These days we find so many TV ads or sale exhibitions or something similar which claim to channel some percentage of money made through the sale to charity or for a cause! And… I have seen so many people who get “moved” by these ads and immediately empty their pocket in the hope of doing […] blog keeps sending those topic ideas daily for getting rid of the “writer’s block” and encouraging its users to write more! But, things never work like that for me! I will almost never ever do something because someone else is asking me to do it! I need to have a valid self-motivation behind it!

Have you ever realized the power of music? It was not until I got affected by Jaundice I did not realize the value of food! I was affected by Jaundice so much that I was completely deprived of any food other than plain rice (without salt!!!) and watery butter-milk (it was more of water and […]

Well.. another 4 months passed by before I could catch up some time and write whats been there in my mind.. Whoever I spoke to about my pregnancy told me that this is a golden period and I have to enjoy it to the fullest! It wasn’t long before I realized why they pregnancy period […]

I just realized that the last post I made was somewhere in March – 4 months back!!  Well.. Its been so long! Many things have kept me busy and away from laptop – one important thing being –  preparing my body and mind for moving to next phase of my life : parenthood! So, I […]