1. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for your living? etc etc
Does it really matter? Next question please..  😉

2. Why this blog?
Well.. I blog for pleasure! It is just to enjoy the pleasure of writing and to feel good about creating something. And additionally, it does feel good when I see people having similar thoughts and perceptions visiting my blog and leaving comments!

3. What fascinates you?
Learning! I am always excited and fascinated to learn new things though I don’t continue it for long!! (I haven’t continued my veena lessons nor have I completed my driving lessons or swimming lessons and the list goes on and on)!

4. What do you do, other than blogging?
Google! What else? 😉 Googling about anything and everything! I too, have this strange disease of trusting Wikipedia as the only source of valid information! 😉 Well.. jokes apart, I like traveling with my husband. We haven’t traveled a lot. But world tour tops our wish list! Also, I enjoy listening to songs which range from Bryan Adams to Sudha Ragunathan, reading books, watching TV shows and cinemas and most importantly criticizing them! And, as you can see, I don’t forget to come back here and blog them here as well! 😉

5. Do you believe in God?
That’s a bit of serious or even sensitive talk! Hmmm.. Yes, I do. But its been very long since I haven’t used any name for God. And, I don’t remember when I last prayed to God! I just believe that you need the right eyes to see God everywhere! And, about religion, to me, man is beyond region or religion! Just that we don’t realize it in a life time. And in the mean time, some business minded people simply make use of it!
If you read my posts here about God and religion, you will come to know what I mean!

6. So.. you are from India?
Whether you are asking this question with respect or not, the answer is “yes I am from India”. And, I am not really proud to be an Indian. Its not that I am not-patriotic. Actually, I get really sensitive when someone criticizes India! Because, I want my country to be the best and the bitter truth is that I know it is not. Sometimes, I just worry about India so much that I start feeling really helpless! And, just like any other Indian, I simply talk about it (here) and forget it after wards! 😐

7. By any chance, are you a software professional?
Yea.. I know what you mean! You might have seen these posts about technical stuff and probably wondering why there only few! Well.. As I said before, this blog is about me and my mind. And mostly, I don’t take up the office work beyond the work place! So.. that explains it, I guess!

8. What other subjects interest you?
Actually I like to read and learn more about our mind. Cognition, Perception are some topics that I would really love to know more about. Everything in this world is like a miracle! And the most complex of all is our human mind! Trying to unravel the mysteries of mind is something I would love to do! And Philosophy is yet another subject that interests me. As Socrates said, real philosophy is born only when your mind turns inside and starts questioning your own basic beliefs and values! Many realizations have sprouted in my mind when I started questioning about my own beliefs!


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