Barcelona, Spain

I landed in The Netherlands on August 2, 2008. I found a job in the same month and started working from September 2008. And, I went for a tour to Barcelona with my company colleagues in the month of November 2008.

This was the first ever trip I went alone with my own gang (my friends/colleagues) leaving my husband (or parents during my school / colleges as well). I did enjoy the trip very well. It was just for a weekend but it was very nice and pleasant.

The only difficulty I had was language! All my colleagues were Dutch and though they know ‘English’, they went on chatting in their mother tongue leaving me behind like an idiot many times! Anyways, since I can also enjoy silence and be my own self when no one is there around, I assumed that there are no one around though I was in a gang and was still enjoying the beauty of Barcelona..

Also, I wouldn’t forget the problem I faced with food! Though there were many Maoz outlets there I had to accompany my colleagues to those non-veg sea-food restaurants everywhere!  The funny part was when one of my colleague asked me to order a fish rice and remove the fish pieces from it and then eat the rice alone. How vegetarian!!? Well.. not to blame her.. That’s her knowledge/view of vegetarianism.

Also, they were all a bit older than me and were not that interested in site seeing! They were all seemed to be interested only in BEER. Only one guy was a bit more energetic and I went around with him for a short walking tour in Barcelona to the port and to the market place.

We went to nice restaurants to dine on both days and also watched a Flamenco dance program on the last day. Of course we did not miss the main and very big attraction of the city – The Sagrada Familia (Holy Church). And also the football stadium which was not of my interest at all.

I am sharing my memories in The Sagrada Familia here.

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