Romantic Rome

Rome is indeed romantic! It is very much artistic in nature and really a wonderful place to roam around with your partner..  😉

Where ever you turn around, you will see some really good artistic sculpture. The whole city was beautiful with lot of sculptures and fountains.

We went o Rome in the month of Jan. We heard that visiting Rome during Summer is not that good since the whole city will be dirty in Summer. So, we went it in Jan itself. But unfortunately we did not plan well for our trip to Rome. We just spent a weekend in Rome – just 2 days! So, we had to really hurry up to cover at least the most important places. Visiting Vatican city itself was taking more than a day and I was really dumbstruck by the magnificent structures there. It was like too much of overdose of art for me within a very short period. I wanted to see more and more though I seemed to get saturated. All those wonderful art increased my cravings for art more and more. But I could see that I cannot take them all in just 2 days..

Somehow, we managed to cover important places in Rome like Colosseum, a distant view of Roman remains & columns, few squares, fountain tour and we spent the rest of our time in the Vatican city and its really really magnificient St. Peters Basilica church and museum.

Here you can see few unforgettable moments of our Rome tour:

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