Well.. As I mentioned, Switzerland is a rich Indian’s honeymoon spot. Yes! Whether you believe it or not, almost 75%-80% of the tourists in Switzerland are from India. And the remaining majority from Japan. You can’t see many Europeans or Americans in Switzerland. Because, Swiz is very costly and for them I think, Swiz is not something very special actually..

Coming from a tropical climate, seeing snow is something really special for us and in that sense Swiz is a place where you can find those snow capped mountains all the time. And, I think we Indians have more or less made it as a status symbol that only on visiting Swiz, a Europe tour is complete. So, if we have money, spending it in Swizz is prestigious! Thats what we think! Swiz tourist department owes to Indians! 😉

So, if you are in Swizz you will see lot of familiar brown skinned faces and at times you might even be confused about where you actually are!

I believe even India has all those nature beauty and we can see the snow capped mountains in our Himalayas. But the best thing about Swizz is that they have made it all accessible to tourist. The infrastructure there is incomparable! Thats how their govt make lot of money and we spend our wealth there!

Whatever it is, at the end, one will feel that its worth spending so much there. The beauty of the place will make you feel like that! I have been to Jungfro, Grindelwald, Inerlaken, Montreux, Lucerne, Niederhorn, Pilatus and the Trummelbach waterfalls in Swiz. I am sharing my best moments here:

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