Why Kamal Hassan has not won Oscar?

I really admire Kamal Hassan’s talent and his ardent efforts to bring out quality films in Tamil. He has very good lateral thinking and I believe his hard work should have taken him to greater heights by now.

I wonder why he has not got Oscar yet!

AR Rahman got international exposure through Danny Boyle and because of that, he won oscars for Slumdog Millionaire. But, is that the only movie for which his music deserves an Oscar? Hasn’t he given better music in his previous movies?

How long should Kamal be waiting for such an opportunity? At times, I feel that he should have born somewhere else which would have given him better exposure. If he had got international exposure, by this time, he would have won 100s of Oscars and maybe by now, there would be some other prestigious award given after his name!

Whenever I see him, I just feel sad because his talents has not been that much recognized and appreciated as it should have been! People here are interested in gossips more than the real talent! If we appreciate something here, then mostly it is from some foreign land! We never know our value!!

Last night, I felt a bit glad to see the “Ulaganayagan Kamal 50” in Star Vijay (A program to appreciate 50 years of Kamal Hassan’s success in Film Industry). Though, I wouldn’t call myself as a die-hard fan of Kamal, I felt really happy from the bottom of my heart for the recognition of his talent. It was nice to see all big heads under one roof to appreciate his talent! But still, of course, it is not enough if we appreciate him. His talents should be recognized world wide in reality. Its not enough if we call him “Ulaga Nayagan”. That should actually happen! Usually, people are recognized only after they leave Earth. I wish that happens to Kamal, before he dies.

The next half of the show is to be telecasted from 7pm today. Awaiting to watch the show.. 😉



  1. vimal raj · · Reply

    surely he will won oscar. god is seeing his hardwork.

  2. Bharath · · Reply

    Yes, he should win an Oscar and he will considering the fact that he is getting into Hollywood now. Its amazing that we have such an actor in our midst and we should feel proud for such a world class actor.

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